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The Daily Read: Ladies, You Need to Stop Apologizing (Via #ShineStrong | The Guardian)

We’re in a girl power mood here at The Library.

And while in that girl power mood, I wanted to address something that I’ve been finding a bit troublesome in regards to the vocabulary of the modern day woman.  Did you know that women are more likely to apologize than men are, especially for seemingly petty behavior? For something as simple as asking a question in a meeting or interrupting to state your point, women have intergrated the word “sorry” into their venacular for little things that most men do not apologize for. If we are to be considered equal and hold ourselves to a higher standard, then my fellow ambitious women:

Why are we so apologetic?

The sumation of this idea came after watching the debut of mega producer, Shonda Rhimes’, 3 hour tv extravaganza. The block, which included Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and the new How To Get Away With Murder, all featured a dominating female lead. Though all three shows premiered to outstanding numbers and rave reviews, it left many calling for Rhimes to tone down and/or apologize for the amount of promiscuity and unconventional behavior that these characters show. It was only then that I realized that while we’ve made significant advances in the abolishment of male-dominated group think that our generation was raised on, we still have a long way to go with society accepting that women are humans too.

While I was perusing the internet earlier this week, I came across a wonderfully written article from The Guardian on why “Shondaland” is one of the more important TV events to occur in digital TV history. The piece features perspectives from four different women on how significant the arc was for them. Featuring testimonies such as “there are very few women in leading roles that look like me”, what stood out to me the most was what one woman, who happened to be the writer of the piece, said:

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 4.07.21 PM

I read this with complete awe because it was definitively true: not one person, especially the female leads, uttered the word “sorry” at any given point throughout the wild ride that is Shondaland. I admired the observation and it led me to think about how I use “sorry” throughout my everyday actions. Why should I be sorry that I have a vision that I want actualized to near perfection? Why should be sorry for asking for what I want in life, whether it be sexually or career wise? The answer is ladies, is that you shouldn’t be. We no longer live in a time we things are clear cut and etched in stone on how “ladylike” you should behave; apologizing only further inhibits how far you move up in the world. The best executives in the world don’t apologize; they do whatever’s necessary to get the job and don’t think about it afterwards.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.07.30 PM

Ladies, you have nothing to apologize for. Stand tall, strong, and beautiful and let the know world that you’ve arrived. And for a little bit more inpsiration, check out Pantene Pro-V’s incredible #ShineStrong ad, which debuted back in June. Keep smiling ladies, your future is bright! The only thing you have to be sorry about is that you’re not sorry.


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