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News: Woman Jailed After Cops Mistake SpaghettiOs For Meth

I’m sick of the police not thinking properly.




Not even sure how this can happen but follow along with us.  Ashley Huff was a passenger in a car that was pulled over on July 2.  Police saw a spoon in her hand with what looked like it had “some residue” on it.  Huff proceeded to tell the officers that it was SpaghettiO sauce and in true police form, they arrested her and charged her for possession of methamphetamine.  Really?

According to the Huffington Post, Huff was jailed for 2 weeks then released on earned recognizance.  However, one of her conditions was that she had to make a series of court dates.  When she missed one she was reincarcerated on August 2nd.  Sadly, Huff couldn’t afford bond, for a crime she didn’t commit, had to stay in jail until September 18 when a lab analysis found the substance contained no illicit drugs.  Because well officers, it was SpaghettiO sauce.

Huff’s attorney, Chris van Rossem stated that the lab results took this long because of the volume of cases the lab needs to process, apparently Huff’s results came back “fairly quickly”.

This system put such a toll on Huff that she was willing to take a plea deal and a permanent criminal record just so she could get out of jail.  This is the sad world we live in.  Someone can’t even eat SpaghettiOs in a car without being jailed.

According to KRON 4, Huff is looking to take legal action even though officers claimed they acted on good faith.  The arresting officer said he was suspicious as to why she would put a spoon in her bag.  Huff’s explaination was that she was eating out the can in the car, tossed the can, and threw the spoon in her purse.  Their next excuse was that the officers conducted a field test which came back positive for meth.  Field tests are known to be inncorect like the time handmade soap came back positive for cocaine.

Hopefully, Huff gets the justice she deserves and maybe she’ll stop eating SpaghettiOs, they’re not good for you anyway.

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