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News: Mexican Hoarder Has the Largest Harry Potter Collection in the World

Hopefully this man gets his letter to Hogwarts as an exception!

via Fox News Latino

via Fox News Latino


A Mexico City man holds the record for the largest Harry Potter collection in the world.  Menahem Asher Silva Vargas has spent nearly 15 years hoarding all things related to British author J.K. Rowling’s young-adult wizard-fantasy series, accorgind to The Huffington Post.

His collections fills two rooms with magical wands, toy figurines, Gryffindor scarves, and Quidditch brooms. Basically he’s already living in Hogwarts and we’re quite jealous right now.

Guinness World Records officially recognized his record Monday as the world No. 1, at 3,097 pieces. The old mark was 807.  Silva Vargas claims that his collection started off small, he had no intention on breaking a world record.  As if under a spell, Vargas’ kept collecting to grow it into the best Harry Potter collection the world has seen.

How he paid for all of this you ask? Menahem laughs, “my salary, my bonuses … it all ended up here.”

Maybe the world will be able to see his collection up close one day, wishful thinking.  We’ll just wait for our Hogwarts letter instead.

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