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Vine of the Week: Playing Video Games With Your Friends

We have all done this!

As a gamer I know this scenario all too well.  You open up a new game and you’re excited because you’ve been telling your cousin or family member, it’s about to go down.  All month you’ve been taughting him or her with the fact that youare the best and they’re nothing but a slice of cheese without the edges.  Well, of course you have to get your bearings straight so you test out the functions.  Square is block, O is jump, and good ole X is hit.  Whoops you made a cheap shot and hit your opponent in the face already before you even said start.  Talk about being petty.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all even started the game while your friend went out the room to go to the bathroom to get some cheap shots in.  When will this end?  Probably never because face it, it’s hilarious to see someone get in their feelings over a game.  Check out our latest vine of the week depicting what it looks like when you take cheap shots against your friends.  Remember, you’re not an ounce!

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