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The Daily Read: My Tattoos Are NONE of Your Business!

“Ink my whole body, I don’t give a mother-f*ck!” – Wiz Khalifa


The explicitly lovely words I wish were appropriate when told I’ve “defaced” my skin with tattoos.  And who’s business is it other than my own if I don’t get that stuffy corporate job because the boss doesn’t approve? Oh, that’s right – mine! With the way society is evolving, my CEO of that stuffy corporate job will most likely have a full-sleeve! So, the argument that deems a life of poverty and unemployment the result of having a tattoo can really go crawl-under-a-rock along with the argument against giving women the right to vote! IRRELEVANT!

When it comes to tattoos I think it takes a certain type of person to actually go through with them.  First, you have to be okay with the fact that this is a permanent decision.  Regardless of your age, you have to be okay with the fact that you will have something that you got as a wild eighteen-year-old, attached to you for the rest of your life.  For some people that is too strong of a commitment and knowing themselves at eighteen, it is probably best that they don’t. However, for many of us tainted souls, we acknowledge the fact that life is about growth and the tattoo we got at eighteen will only be a part of our story when we turn eighty-five! God willing, of course. There are zero regrets nor any embarrassment behind our desire and decision to ink-up early on in life. I don’t condone a fifteen year-old to go get inked, however if age is such a big topic of discussion, what make twenty-three any different than forty-three… you will still be the person with a tattoo that many people may not understand. If you take that aspect of a tattoo too seriously and let that drive your reasoning behind actually pursuing what you want, you might as well maintain your immaculate canvas.  But please, do not judge those who have acknowledged and accepted this major factor of tattoos.  Tattoos are permanent. We get it.


In addition to it’s permanence, we have also acknowledged the fact that tattoos are a piece of artwork. As cliche as it sounds, for those who enjoy tattoos, we see our bodies as blank canvases. Where some may call a tattoo a defacement, we see it as a decoration. Regardless of if it is a phrase, or a portrait, it is a piece of artwork that much thought was put into.  And let’s not forget the artist behind the needle — even the smallest tattoos still require precision, focus, and talent. So, shame on you “cultured folk” who don’t consider tattoos to be a form of art! Pablo Picasso was a world-renown painter and the act of tattooing has been around since ancient times, makes you wonder why he never took his art to human form…I’m just saying.

Now, I’m not saying to go crazy and get an ice-cream cone tattooed on your face like my dear friend, Gucci Mane — we all know he’s in his own world. I am also not telling you to go out today and get a tattoo because you are going through a phase — self-reflection and a clear idea of your true reasons for wanting a particular piece should be a requirement before you run off to the closest parlor.  What I am suggesting is that people lighten-up a little bit when it comes to being so harshly judgmental towards those who have decided to ride the needle! For starters, their decision in no-way-shape-or-form affects your life – so chill out! If this is the worst decision we’ve ever made in our lives, it is a consequence we will have to deal with, not you.  Secondly, it is now 2014 and we are evolving as a society – for the most part.  Being conservative is great when its necessary, but not if you are going to remain closed-minded and neglect to acknowledge that tattoos are far from taboo anymore! It is no longer acceptable to classify tattooed people as degenerates because a lot of us “degenerates” have degrees and money and it is only a matter of time until we have the power to match it.  So watch who you disregard as a “tattooed freak” because karma does come full cycle and before you know it you will be hired as “the Help” for that tattooed freak.



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