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News: Moose Can’t Use Being ‘Drunk’ As An Excuse Anymore

I know it sounds weird but, keep reading.



In Sweeden its been noted that moose are eating rotten and fermented apples that have fallen off trees and becoming hilariously intoxicated. These moose have been found tied up in swing sets and stuck in trees. As great of a story this is, scientists are saying being ‘drunk’ can’t be the reason for their antics.

According to the Huffington Post:

Professor Petter Kjellander, expert on wild animals at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, told Swedish Radio Science News that moose — which typically weigh between 450 and 1200 pounds – are just way too big to actually get drunk on a realistic amount of fermented apples.

Kjellander also explained that he has never found evidence of high blood alcohol level content in a moose. He has hypothosized that the moose are acting like this to protect their fruit stash. I’m not sure how they got into the swing sets or in the trees but, moose go home you’re drunk.

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