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The Daily Read: “And You Can Tell Everybody…”

*hums I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m mannnnnn*

With so much vanity and insecurity floating around the Generation Y-ers these days, it can be hard to place your actual talents on display without running the risk of seeming like an incomparable douche bag. Let’s face it, a little arrogance can take you a long way in life, but there will always be that one (or a million, see Instagram for details) that will have something negative to say about anything you do.

By now, most of you know that I like to preach about being humble and living outside of your existence. However, I’ve realized that while humility is extremely important, what I don’t preach enough about is what to do when you know that you’re the best at something. I know how hard it can be to be confident in your craft – truth be told, I used to let others undercut my authority or talent while working just because I was afraid of what would be thought of me when I did embrace my abilities.

Well my friends, NOT ANYMORE.

When I first started writing as a career last year, there would be plenty of people around me with something “constructively critical” to say. Hearing the wonderful “you’re good but….” come out of some naysayers mouths was not the reaction I was expecting, which ultimately lead me to feeling as if I don’t belong in the world of blogging. In addition to trying my best to spread love and uplift others, I wasn’t promoting my abilities and my craft to those that mattered because I was afraid of people thinking that I was just another loud and annoying blogger on the scene. I realized that I was diminishing my talents for the sake of someone else’s opinion, who would probably not do the same for me.

True confidence does not need an exaggerated platform or a soap box in order to be realized. Though it might be hard at first to step up to the plate, you can’t remain in the background for fear of retribution. The top performers in their respective fields know that the secret to any success is to be confident in your abilities. They are awesome, and they know it – while still remaining humble and open to becoming better at their craft. That is the ultimate key to recognition, and anyone who tells you otherwise is doing their very best at keeping you down.


At the end of the day, you cannot be concerned with the petty feelings of others. If you’re feeling confident about your appearance, your job performance, talent, or anything that you do with your life, shout it out to the world! I know it’s easier said than done; it took me quite a long time to admit to myself and everyone around me that I can write AND be good at it. No one else is going to be your biggest fan but you; why not start with a little self-appreciation for your worldly contribution. Plus, Beyonce told us to tell them that we’re flawless, so that’s really all of the validation that you need.

And if you need a reason to smile today, take a listen to Aloe Blacc’s “I’m the Man” below. Hell, it’s what inspired me to write this post today (I lied, getting a Brazilian wax is what did the trick).  Have a great weekend kids!


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