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News: Man Ends Prison Escape So Inmates Can Sleep

There are still good people in the world.

via Ravalli Republic

via Ravalli Republic

According to Ravlli County prosecuters, Simeon Lippert’s attempt to escape a western Montana jail ended with him retreating through ductwork so his fellow inmates can sleep.  What a kind man he is.

Simeon Keith Lippert, 24, made an initial appearance before Justice of the Peace Robin Clute on Tuesday on charges of attempted escape and criminal mischief. His bail was set at $225,000, the Ravalli Republic reported

Guards were alerted of the jailbreak when a detention officer noticed a camera outside the enterence was being pointed down at around 1:13am. She then noticed a piece of brick and grout hit the ground. Apparently Lippert was digging ductwork through the wall of the prison. Sgt. Keith Seppel went to go assess the issue and noticed several bricks on the ground along with a pair of orange detention center shoes and a shirt and shorts made out of a bed sheet. He looked up and spotted a foot disappearing into a hole in the wall and could hear someone crawling through the ductwork, court records said.

At around 1:30am, shortly after officers locked down the prison, Lippert got on the intercom in the West jail block and said: “Come get me so the rest of these guys can get some sleep.”

Lippert, who is from Missoula, is a registered sex offender who has been jailed since March awaiting a decision on the revocation of a deferred sentence he received for a 2008 conviction for sexual intercourse without consent.

Sheriff Chris Hoffman released a statement Wednesday saying a lock was broken to gain entry to the jail’s heating and cooling access areas and that electrical conduit and cinder blocks were damaged in the escape attempt. He said it appeared Lippert acted alone.

image via Ravlli Republic

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