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Fashion: How Hipster are You? [Fall Fashion Edition]

Ahh the hipsters…

We can’t live with you, and truly could never live without you. Hipsters bring about a new perspective on life that can either be frustrating and confusing or kind of cool.  If you feel as though the hipster lifestyle and movement correlates with your life, well, this post was made for you! We give hipsters a hard time because they can be very difficult to understand at times; however, we’ve all got a little “go-against-the-grain” attitude hidden deep inside of us – it’s only waiting to be released.  Although the essence of the hipster lifestyle is not solely based upon how grunge you dress, it is pretty easy to spot  your nearest hipster based on their garments.  So, if you are the proud owner of any of the following its time you stop judging and realize you are one of them us!

1) Beanie Hat


2) Wide Brim Fedora Hat


3) Fashion glasses

504b14be7675e-194x*The ultimate cliché of the anti-mainstream hipsters.

3.5) The same goes for round-frame sunglasses.


4) Ironic graphic tees


5) Flannel Shirts



6) Muscle tanks


7)  Stacked accessories



8) Skinny Jeans – Super stretch


9) Jean cut off shorts


10) Anything vintage

tumblr_m0wa9mG1lx1qze8q0o1_500*She is actually wearing her Grandmother’s clothing!

11) Grungy Chuck Taylors or Non-Labeled Tennis Shoes


12) Doc Martens


13) Messenger bag


14) Camera other than on your phone


tumblr_le7vm3tIF71qf2oxao1_500*Bonus points to those with Polaroids

15) A Bicycle



So there you have it folks! The hipster wardrobe is non-exclusive and easily attainable — just pick one afternoon to rummage through a consignment shop and you will be amazed at the gems you will find! 🙂

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2 Comments on Fashion: How Hipster are You? [Fall Fashion Edition]

  1. i’m pretty sure we’re all a bit hipster! 🙂

    for more fashion & inspiration head over to my blog

  2. 10/15…i may as well embrace my new label.

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