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Vine of the Week: Reliving A 90s Music Video

The 90s were the best decade. Don’t debate me on this!

This is dedicated to all my people who grew up in the 90s, and I don’t mean you were born in ’94 and had a childhood during this decade. This was a time when fashion was about baggy clothes, metallic blow up jumpsuits, finger waves, and dark lipstick. Yes I just described a Missy Elliott video which is perfect because when I think of the 90s I think of her, Timberland, and Diddy to name a few.

I watch old music videos, you know the ones with substance, and wish I was able to have been apart of such greatness like most of you do. One amazing viner has mastered the art of photoshopping himself into videos and reliving history.  Get into the perfection of the bop and freeze along with the metallic blow up jumpsuit in our latest vine of the week. Happy nostalgia!


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