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The Daily Read: 11-Year-Old Eloquently Addresses the REAL Issues in Ferguson, MO [VIDEO]

Yes, we are still talking about it!

The problem with today’s society of instant gratification and social media being the only fuel to the flame of many civil rights movements is that after about a week, everyone seems to forget what they were protesting and is on to the next big story.  This week it’s celebrity leaked news, next week who knows what will be trending on your Twitter timelines.  While our attention may have shifted to other, non-pressing issues like the iCloud security breach, the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO still affects us. Let’s just put one HUGE detail into perspective: as of Monday, September 22, 2014, Darren Wilson is still a free man.  Therefore, the conversations regarding the event should not subside just because someone decided to hack Apple.

Sometimes as adults we get wrapped up in our “grown-up” lives and need a child to put us back in our place.  Today’s Daily Read is brought to you by 11-year-old, Marquis Govan, a resident of Ferguson, MO, who does not want the underlying issues of this grave event to be put to rest until it has been appropriately addressed and solved. Unlike many children his age, Govan is extremely interested and involved in the politics and the well-being of his community.  Not only worried about how Michael Brown’s fatal shooting is addressed, Govan is also deeply concerned with the overall future of Missouri and America.  This young politician has become a strong voice for his generation after a video emerged in which Gavon eloquently articulates the trouble of his hometown post-Michael Brown’s shooting to the local county council.

Govan’s political pilgrimage doesn’t stop in Ferguson, MO — he wants to see change across the country.  His story reached the CBS Network, where  during an interview with Jane Pauley of CBS “Sunday Morning,” Govan speaks on the cycle of abuse and racism.  This intellectual youngster knows that change will not happen overnight, but with goals of becoming a U.S. Senator and eventually the President, Gavon is willing to devote his life to his political work in order to make things happen! Ladies and gentleman, we could be looking at the next Barack Obama.

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