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Smaxxie’s Corner: Episode 3 – “Natural Hair Routine”

“Beat it with a swatter that’s how I look so FLY!”

The Library’s resident comedian, Smaxxie, is BACK with an all new episode of Smaxxie’s Corner. On our last episode, we saw Smaxxie spitting bars on bars on bars – and deliver one of the most impressive freestyles known to all of hip hop.

In this week’s episode, Smaxxie finally answers all of your questions on how she gets that curly mane of hers tamed with her daily hair routine. Trust us, you need to add this routine to your lifestyle immediately!

Watch as Smaxxie delivers what might be the funniest installment of the hit vlog series below! And be sure to tell us what you want her to cover for Episode 4 in the comments section or tweet Smaxxie with your suggestions now!

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