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The Daily Read: Be Present Part 2

Looks like a lot of folks are recognizing the need to disconnect from technology and reconnect personally.


Last week, I posted a read about how we all need to learn to be more present in the moment. Part of my argument was that as a society, we need to form more genuine, human connections face to face in the real world. Too many times have I seen people trying to maintain relationships solely through social media and technology. I am also guilty of this, and have challenged myself, along with all of you, to turn off your phone or laptop and live in the moment with the people who matter.

Why am I revisiting this? Well, I was at an HR conference yesterday with my team members at work. The purpose of the conference was to wrap our heads around new trends in talent recruiting. One of the key takeaways from the meeting was that digital content is vital to remain relevant in oour ever-evolving world. Of course, in a room full of HUMAN resource associates, our vice president wanted to bring us back to what we represent with a video.

I will let this speak for itself.


Keep this video in mind the next time you hand a child a smartphone when you do not feel like entertaining them.


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