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The Daily Read: It’s Not Personal, It’s Business

Step out of your feelings, children. 

I like to look to at The Daily Read as a place where us Librarians can eloquently boast about the trials and tribulations we face as new lady bloggers coming in to their own. And today’s terms of endearment are no different. Understand that when you read the rest of this post, as with any of the other reads that we publish, it’s never a personal attack on anyone – though it may be coming from a personal experience. With that as a disclaimer, I invite you to read closely, because there are a lot of you out there that don’t understand the difference between business and personal matters.

It’s never a wise idea to let your emotions get the best of you, whether it be you felt you were treated unfairly or because you simply didn’t like the decision that was made. Take discrepencies in stride and learn that not everything can go your way, no matter how much  you want it to. Ranting and arguing on twitter or in an email about how you’re the best or that deserve this and that will get you nowhere extremely fast. And though you may not care what other people think about you, there is always someone watching. When you are told no, the person who is doing the telling did what he/she felt was right for their business – that’s all. Though you may have your personal speculations, or you felt that you were friends with the person so it would be easy pickens for you to get what you want, one must never assume that it will always work out in their favor – regardless of personal relationships.

“Yo how could you not post my music to your blog? I emailed it to you and everything. How could the answer be no? I thought we were friends!!”


As a coming-into-her-confidence blog owner, I’ve discovered that there are fewer things in this world that people hate in this world more than not being included. Being told that you weren’t included on a showcase when you felt you should’ve been, not being on a “best of…” list, or being told that your craft just isn’t there yet can be extremely hurtful and can leave you feeling disrespected, slighted, or even cheated. I completely understand. However, it’s time for you to understand that we are all adults and behaving like a child with an attitude because you didn’t get your way will never fly in the world of business matters.

Of course there are shady business practices that would cause even Ghandi to flip a table. Hell, there were plenty of instances where I wanted to rip the head off of somebody because I thought we were being disrespected. Would it have felt great in the interim to unleash the dragon and let the masses know how shady said person was? Absolutely. However, I had to remember that pride is not the most important thing to you when you’re pursuing your career – your reputation is. You reserve every right to feel the emotion you feel when it comes to whatever injustice you faced in the business world of your craft, but in order to be taken seriously, you must learn that with every reaction, there is a consequence to be faced.

At the end of the day, we all preach unity and do our best to look out for everyone, but that DOES NOT mean that we aren’t operating as a business. The answer will always be the truth – and a lot of the time that truth is a hard no. The moment you understand that and grow an extra layer of thicker skin, the better you will be at whatever it is that you do. Remember, every thing you do in your career is a move on the court. This is of course not to say that you can’t do business with your friends, or become friends with the people that you work with (We seem to be doing pretty well! ). However, when you’re sitting in that staff meeting or in your room looking at your phone with your blood boiling, remember that nobody cares about, nor do they have the time for your feelings or emotions, regardless of how many friends you think you have. You may have allies, but there is no room for friendships and personal feelings when it comes to business.

It’s a harsh reality to succumb to, but one you must adhere to in order to be successful. And instead of striking back with petty emotions, show them where they went wrong by working harder so you don’t need a “yes” or “inclusion” from the people you disagreed with in the first place.

So, before you throw your next tantrum on social media with subtweets and fake beef, remember the words of the great Weezy F. Baby and zip it up. Continue to work hard, and you’ll shine when it’s your time.



Stay elite, homies. 


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