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The Daily Read: Girls that Love Football…We do Exist!

I wear make-up, I paint my nails, and I can spend hours in the mirror doing my hair. Oh, and on any given Sunday, Monday and/or Thursday night, you can find me in front of the big-screen-tv watching football.  Yes, I said football and no, I did not mean soccer.  I’m talking about the hard hitting, stress-inducing game of American football that is perfectly paired with wings and beer…lots of beer!


Now, when you first heard that I am a devoted football fan, I must agree that it was quite alarming.  I don’t really come off as the type to fit in with the crowd of rowdy fans with painted faces, vintage jerseys and random knowledge of team stats.  But we all know what assumptions do… so, you’d better believe it because you’re looking at a full-blooded fan baby!

Every year I look forward to the return of the football season.  The countdown officially begins when the schedules are posted and I begin to mentally prepare for the intense sh*t-talking battles with my competitors – I just love it! The satisfaction of seeing your bad-mouthing antics actually come-to-life is just divine!

One thing you must understand is that I am not the only one of my kind.  Across the country there are plenty of girls – just like me – who remain in-touch with their feminine appeals and thoroughly enjoy a good game of football.  At the same damn time!  All we truly ask of you is to respect our interest just as you would our male counterparts.  The NFL may be male dominated; however, there are no rule-books deeming guys the only people entitled to loving the game.

Now, I know what you are thinking: “It’s hard to believe a girl likes football because of the many who fake it just for attention.” I completely agree.  There are way too many girls out there who fake liking football – or any sport – just to win over their crush.  For those of you that are guilty of the previously stated offense…Not cool.  You completely destroy any credibility that those who actually like the sport work so hard to build!  Maybe you just like the tailgating action and eating junk food…? My advice: just be honest, and save yourself from embarrassment by admitting that football is just not your thing.  The alternative is revealing your failed comprehension and calling a “touch-down” a “home-run”.  Yep, I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes.


Also, for you guys out there that have yet to come across many females that thoroughly enjoy the sport, the last thing we want to deal with is you quizzing us on our knowledge.  No, I was not a cheerleader and no, I didn’t just visit before participating in the conversation.  Treat us like you would your male friend and simply ask: “So, who is your team?” And leave it at that for all the questions.  Making me prove my knowledge will not only shut-you-up but it will quickly make you look like an arrogant, sexist, jack-ass… I don’t think we want that do we?

So, for the love of the Football Gods, this Monday night we shall rally together to drink beer, eat wings and talk the utmost sh*t! Ladies and gentlemen, Football is back! 




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