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The Daily Read: For the Love of God, Please Stop With the Pretty Faces

“I nominate you for the #PrettyFaceChall–“


Our generation is the absolute definition of vanity. The product of our technicological environment, we often find ourselves just basking the enjoyment of receiving likes and RTs. I mean, there are literally shirts PROMOTING the selfie phenomenon that has taken over the world.

While I admit that I take a bunch of selfies from time to time and enjoy when I receive a high number of likes on one of them (I internally screamed with enjoyment when one of my pics reached 95 likes the other week…I know…), I often catch myself wondering why there is this insatiable need to be received by strangers. The invention of the front-facing camera is quite amazing, I must say, but at what point do we say, “you look like a fool doing this, stop it“?

The need for acceptance has run rampant throughout the history of humankind, which is a natural feeling to have. The acceptance of the constant need of acceptance is what needs to be addressed by us. Which brings me to today’s incessant rant on vanity.

While traipsing through my increasingly ridiculous twitter timeline (I really need to purge that thing), I’ve noticed an abundance of women and girls taking pictures of themselves doing all sorts of weird functions and sending it to a man named DJ Zeeti.

DJ Zeeti: “Twitpic yourself running in place while holding a cigarette with no bra on.”

Women: “*takes off bra and lights cigarette* UHKAY!! Anything for a RT!

And there’s no exaggeration there. It’s like most of these women have forgotten that there are actual creeps on the internet and actually send pictures to this man (who doesn’t have a picture up of himself mind you), just for the sake of fading attention.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.56.06 PM

Which leads me to my next social media observation of the week. This week, social media has taken vanity to a whole new level by instituting a new game called the “Pretty Face Challenge“, which is pretty much as shallow as it sounds: The initiator takes a few selfies, most of the same variety of “poses”, and then challenges a few friends to post a pic-stitch of shameless self glamour shots. The very purpose of this challenge is actually unknown, but many think it’s okay to post this and cloud my Instagram feed with really unattractive (no matter how pretty you are) photos of your nostrils.

It’s quite sad to see the level of insecurity displayed on social media; from all types of girls – NOT just the less attractive ones. Some of the girls who participate in these challenges or “twitpic” contests are dealing with issues of acceptance and inner beauty; and while dealing with the risk of sounding like a tired feminist, it’s time to stop. There is a saying that those are vain are the ones dealing with the most self-doubt. Behaving like Kim Kardashian making a very annoying selfie book while vacationing in Thailand is not the coolest action in the world. And though it’s easy to fall into the trap of social media and the likes of gaining a few drooling people in your mentions or direct messages inbox, you’re self-worth is more important.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with Instagram and snapping a few selfies here and there, but every once in a while, take a step back from your vanity. Realize that you live in a world outside of yourself; find a more constructive way to get validation, other than sending pictures to a man who’s named after a baked pasta dish.

And for the love of God, enough with all of your pretty faces. Stop feeding into the notion that you are only worthy of a few RTs and lusty twitter followers to be forgotten by the masses. You’re – scratch that – WE are better than that. Act like it.

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