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News: Gummy Penises Recalled Because Parents Are Unhappy

This takes the saying “eat a dick” to new levels.


via the Huffington Post

Apparently some fruit snacks in New Zealand are causing an uproar amongst parents because they are in the shape of penises.  Whoever thought of this is playing the best prank on us.

Barrie Aburn, of Dunedin spoke to the New Zealand Herald that his kids had given him the candy for his birthday but when he went to eat it, he noticed the odd shape. The gummies were made in China, where they’re not considered offensive. But that certainly wasn’t the case in New Zealand.

”I don’t find anything amusing about it at all. I find it disgusting,” Jacqui Hawkins, Aburn’s parter, told the newspaper.

Jack Van de Geest, managing director of sales at Dutch Rusk, the candy-seller who imported the penis gummies, says they will issue a recall. Only every 20 or 30 bags contained one or two gummy penises, retrieving the unwanted candies cost thousands of dollars, Van de Geest said.

On the brighter side of things, you can buy gummy penises in the United States off of Amazon, you know just in case you were interested.



image via Pintrest

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