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The Daily Read: Are You Done With The Shaming Yet?

*insert angry explicative here*

The amount of ignorance needs to be put to rest, once and for all.

Warning: This post is not meant to be well versed.

By now you have all heard about Ray Rice, Janay Palmer, and the horrifying punch seen around the world. The disturbing video of the incident, which was unearthed yesterday via the ever eloquent TMZ, has caused quite the stir among the internet, which of course lead to a cumbersome amount of opinions that go along with it.

There was much speculation in the conversation on the internet within the last 48 hours of the video’s release, which was taken via an elevator security camera on February 15 of this year. Below are some of the questions that were posed on twitter immediately after the posting of the video:

Why was this just released? Isn’t it odd that TMZ waited until Week 1 of Football season? Why did Janay Palmer marry him then? Why is this even being talked about? Isn’t it their business? What’s going to happen to my fantasy team now?

The answer to those questions is – NONE OF THAT IS IMPORTANT.

Within all of those questions, not a single one was asked about the victim, Janay Palmer. This woman, who was knocked unconcious by her now husband, has just had her whole world turned upside down again, and most are concerned about the person that assaulted her. And with the amount of questions asked about Rice’s well-being, there were a dubious amount of conspiracies, stating that Palmer “knows what she’s doing” and “look out for her book deal by the end of the year.”

I want to tell you all today, right this very second, that enough is enough with the shaming of the victim. Women who are abused often don’t have the option or strength to just leave their abuser, which is something don’t understand, so it’s easy to just say “it’s her fault” and write the victim off as someone who provoked Rice’s reaction. The bottom line is that Ray Rice is the person who got himself into this mess – not the NFL, TMZ, or his wife, and though they may have been in a heated argument, there is absolutely no excuse for a man to knock a woman out and drag out of a elevator like yesterday’s trash. And the jokes in accord to that are in bad taste to the only person that matters here – Janay Palmer.

We’re not talking about something that’s easy to blow off, like Snoop Dogg’s white face incident or Momma Dee from Love&Hip Hop tooth falling out OR Solange feebishly kicking Jay-Z in an elevator, we’re talking about a serious incident that was caught on camera that was then exposed to the world. Don’t be so desensitized to violence that you don’t feel any empathy or at the very least, sympathy for Palmer and the situation that she’s going through. The only question that needs to be asked is “what if it were my sister?“.

We live in a male-dominated society where domestic violence is not an issue that’s easy to admit to, much less pursue any action against, for this exact reason. Help those around and show support for Janay Palmer. I have no fancy words for you today or witty jokes. Just a reality check.

Stop the shaming and learn to use the good sense the Lord gave you. This is nobody’s but Ray Rice’s fault. Change your thought process, remove your stupidity and start forming your opinions based on human rights. The world might just be a better place for it.

*For more descriptive words on the topic of victim shaming, click on over to M.B. Watson’s post. 

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