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News: A 9-year Old in Pajamas Steals City Bus



via CTV News

According to The Huffington Post, a 9-year old wearing pajamas walked onto a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan city bus on Monday and took a joy ride.

After the child bumped into a truck and another city bus he finally stopped it with no injuries. The bus however had a cracked windshield and a broken mirror. Not bad Speed Racer.

A city official told CBC news:

“This is a case where safety protocols were violated,” Jorgenson said, as he explained that the door was left unlocked, and the boy entered the bus with ease and started driving the bus a short time after entering it because the bus was not secure.

A maintenance worker left the bus at the garage with the motor running when the little boy, who obviously wasn’t home where he should have been, took the bus. A witness saw the boy take the bus and decided to follow him. Michael Pritchard followed the bus and waited for him to stop. That was when Pritchered took the boy off the bus and waited for authorities to get there.

Because of his age, the boy will not be charged, but his parents need to have some kind of monitoring or something because, whet?





image via CTV News

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