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The Daily Read: Going Back To School? Here’s What Not to Do

It seems like just yesterday we were all celebrating the end of an everlastingly long winter and rejoiced with smashing good times laced with alcohol, sunshine and lusty behavior that we thought would last forever..

And all of a sudden, the school year is back like BK’s chicken fries…

And with that new year brings changing seasons, seeing old friends, homework, cuffing season, and of course all of the decisions (good or bad) that goes with it. Though you may be feeling some anxiety towards the new semester, never fear, your friendly neighborhood Librarian is here to help!

As someone who has been on the back to school quest quite a few times in her life, I can say with pride that I have had my fair share of things that I wish I could do again. With that in mind, I would like to guide all of you students in the right direction this fall and share with you 5 quick tips on what NOT to do when you’re back on campus.

1.) Do NOT rekindle with a hookup from last year.

Emphasis on the word hookup. Sending out that “hey, it was good to see you” text to an old fame that you saw in the dining hall can only lead to digging up old memories that don’t need to be rehashed. Especially if you’re newly single and ignored that person’s attempts of contact for your ex. Whew. Talk about embarrassing….


2.) DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT gossip.



Where I went to school, the culture is clique-ish (for lack of a better term), meaning that your ethnicity and the clubs you joined pretty much determined who you were going to hang out with for the next 5 years of your life. Since the cliques are generally small in population, the grapevine will explode with information that everybody believes to be fact. While I know that everyone enjoys a good amount of tea every once in a while, remember your purpose and why you’re in college in the first place. Do your best to refrain from getting too caught up in the gossip world. You’re in school to learn and be a better overall person. Leave the drama to the underagers. And remember, if you they gossip with you, they will most certainly gossip about you. Not everyone is your friend.


3.) If you live on campus, don’t smoke in your room.

Just, don’t. You’ll get caught and you’ll die. Seriously.

Not that I condone the use of (mostly) illegal drugs, I do recommend going somewhere else to indulge….say for instance, your friend with the off-campus apartment….


4.) Don’t get caught up.

This is a biggie and something that I’ve learned to practice in my adult life, post grad. I got so busy and made myself so stressed that I got seriously sick and had to quit all of my activities for the year. You may think you can handle taking that overload or sitting on 3 e-boards while working overnight shifts on a Saturday but you really can’t. Your health and state of mind is your number one priority, and adding extra stress to your life is not something worth making yourself sick over. Trust me on this – my third year of school I went THROUGH that it was not worth it. If you’re feeling stressed, talk to someone, work out, or just take a mental break and relax a little. College is not supposed to be THAT difficult. And if it is, refer to number 3.


5.) Don’t forget about your friends.

This was one of my biggest mistakes that almost blew up in my face during my time at school. When you get so caught in your academics, extra-curricular activities, job, and your relationship (I’m speaking about myself now), you forget all about your friends that have been there for you since your awkward first days as a freshmen. During my third year, I had people asking if I was pledging a sorority due to the fact that I had once been a blossoming social butterfly that just completely dropped off the face of the Earth. The only person I spent my time with was my boyfriend at the time, and honestly, I can’t begin to tell you how it got to that point. It’s so easy to drop into that black hole of solitary, but do your best to make plans with your friends and stick to them. Make the effort to talk to your friends and have that support system — because whether or not you realize it, you need them.


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