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News: ‘Mickey Mouse’ and Friends Beat Motorist in Road Rage Incident [VIDEO]

Mickey is tired of being nice to y’all.

Huffington Post has obtained a Youtube video of what might be th strangest form of road rage, or what could be the best prank ever.

The video that takes place in Russia shows a motorist stopping a vehicle that he had some kind of problem with. You then see people dressed as Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Suarepants, Scrat from Ice Age, and a spotted creature jump out and start beating up the motorist. Try not to laugh people.

Australia’s 9News translated the title of the video to say “Severe Chelyabinsk Disney” meaning this took place in the city of Chelyabinsk. Spongebob and Scrat aren’t Disney characters, but I’m sure they’re fed up just like Mickey was.

This prank can be a learning experience to teach you about road rage, or to stop taking these costumed characters for granted. Either way, we chuckled and we’re sure you will too. Check out the video of these characters ruining children’s childhood all over the world.

image via Fortune Cat Blog

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