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The Daily Read: White Privilege Is NOT a Myth

Man listen….

It’s been almost a month since the tragic events in Ferguson, MO occurred. And after the slaying of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, one would think that more people would feel some sort of sympathy for the fallen victim. Instead, we have bigots, (such as the ever popular Bill O’Reilly), not calling for justice for the Michael Brown, but instead, opening the floodgate for media diversion with his epic rant on how we need to remove race from the equation and that the notion of white privilege is a “myth”.

Yes, you indeed read that correctly.

In a country that has a systemically long history of racism towards those of the darker complexion, and with wait let me count — several civil rights violations, all of the 1960’s, let’s not forget that pesky little Emmit Till, and you know, that slavery thing that we’re supposed to pretend never happened — ONE would think that a man of the caucasian persuasion would not open his mouth in the year of 2014 and boldly state that white privilege doesn’t exist.

I know you all are SO tired of hearing about Ferguson and the racism and the police and about how we don’t live in a post-racial America, but I ask, if you all could humor for one small minute more. I promise you that if you’re not a believer after watching this epic read, then I can’t ever help you.

Today’s read is probably the most important read that we will ever publish on this site, and it comes from the incredible Jon Stewart. In this segment on Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Show,  Stewart fabulously reads down that ogre of racism over at Fox News and millions of ignorant people around the country on the subject of white privilege and just how prevalent it is in today’s realm. And while the media news cycle is resetting and folks seem to be moving on from the fighters in Ferguson, Stewart’s rant serves as a reminder that the fight on civil injustice is far from over.

Check out one of the most eloquent rants that I have seen in recent memory and make sure you’re really listening to what he’s saying. The “hype” for Ferguson may seemingly be dwindling, but we will never stop working to change the way society thinks.

Stop deleting racism. You make think you’re helping, but you’re actually part of the problem.



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