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The Daily Read: You Know You Went To Private School When…

Last night after a busy shift at work I went out with a few of my coworkers for a drink across the street because, why not? One of the other patrons we were talking with happened to be a school teacher and he asked me what high school I went to.  Now, here are two things people don’t expect when they look at me: a) my name is anything other than Boomsheeka, and b) for me to have graduated from a respected independent high school.  So after I reveal my high school I get the “ohhhh you are a little snob aren’t you?” Everyone else jumps on this teasing session and they all feel a little better about themselves.  Of course they are joking, however, every joke holds a little strain of truth.

Not everyone has the chance to attend a private school – and I am so extremely grateful for my parents being able to provide that opportunity.  It changed my life for the better.  For those who have attended a private school, we understand that there are a few truths that only we will be able to recognize…

1) For guys, wearing a shirt & tie is not that serious

You’ve gotten pretty used to wearing the shirt – tie – khaki outfit as this was what you wore everyday throughout your high school years.  Some of you actually prefer this look now that it has become second nature!


2) Minority students will always sit together – just don’t question it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to create a united front when you are one of maybe ten minority students.  Stop thinking we are segregating ourselves and look at it as a support system.


3) We’ve developed our skills in time management

With college-level work loads, and required sports after school you had to develop your time management skills because there were only 24 hours in the day.  Not sure how we got it all done and still kept our sanity but by the time college came around — it was nothing new.

4) You can say you’ve played x number of sports since it was a requirement

Maybe not everyone was good, but everyone was an athlete of some sort. So you tried each and every sport until you found your calling…or something close to it.

5) The concept of taking a bus to school is foreign

With people coming from all over the state and even further, there was no such thing as a school bus.  It would have been nice, but Mom & Dad definitely had to drop you off everyday on their way to work – no days off.


6) You know someone who owns a yacht and/or beach house

Yeahh… you’ve seen the best of the best beach houses and yachts money can buy.


7) You have friends with country club memberships

Want to meet for a round of golf? Just meet up with John and his dad and they will show you how the rich folk get down!

8) You were the only high schooler in your neighborhood with two weeks for Spring Break

Once you got to college you felt robbed of your two week Spring Break — what the hell am I supposed to do with one week?

9) Stay-at-home moms made the best snacks!

Because they had no jobs to go to, these moms perfected their baking skills.  All of the after school functions and games were followed by a smorasbord of home-made goodies.

10) You had at least one teacher that was a full-blown Hippie

While a lot of the teachers at your school followed the typical career path of the young professional, you had at least one teacher that could be considered a full-blown hippie. I’m talking Jesus-sandals in the winter, un-groomed hair and trippy class discussions that never followed the curriculum.

11) You wrote your first thesis in 8th grade.

Yep, they had you writing masterpieces in 8th grade. I recall writing my own Autobiography at fourteen. I hadn’t even lived yet!

12) You may have obtained an internship by being friends with the CEO’s kid

You learned early on, that it is not always about what you know, but who you know.

13) The school parking lot looks like a foreign car convention

Fancy foreign cars.. Schmancy foreign cars!  You don’t get too phased by the Maserati parked beside your inherited hooptie!


14) You never understood the concept of a “bad school lunch”

With the amount of money you paid for tuition they had to provide a good lunch! You never really felt the fear of eating cafeteria mystery meat.

15) You knew about tuition payment plans long before your Undergrad years

Sallie Mae is only round two of your tuition payments. You’ve had payment plans since 9th grade.

16) You learned all the American anthems at the school dances.

You learned the lyrics to “Sweet Caroline”, “Jack & Diane”, “Living on a Prayer” and “Cotton-Eyed Joe” early on.


17) Sweet sixteen and Bat Mitzvah parties were epic

All I’m saying is that turning up with money is a completely different experience.


18) You’ve enjoyed some pretty nice vacations with your rich friends

You’ve been invited on family vacations with your friends and it’s not your average trip to the beach.  You’ve walked along the most exclusive shores and slept in the most luxurious villas. You’ve experienced second-hand wealth and you aren’t mad about it!

19) Keynote speakers at assemblies were actually famous

You’ve casually sat in an auditorium with established and successful keynote speakers and performers like Tobias Wolff, Ahn Trio and Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway)

20) You are used to people thinking you’re a snob

Many people don’t understand the actual lifestyle of an independent school so they can only go off their assumptions.  They hear the name and think “rich snob”.  While you can’t really do much to change their perception of private schools, you can help them see that not everyone who has attended a private school is a wealthy snob.


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