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News: Woman Causes Fire to Help Bored Firefighters

The lengths people will go to help out a friend is unmeasurable..I guess.


via NY Daily News

On Friday, The US Justice Department said an Oregon woman pleaded guilty in May to starting a fire on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation lat year.

Apparently 23-year old Sadie Renee Johnson has firefighter friends that were bored due to lack of work so she took the solution into her own hands. In July 2013, Sadie threw a firecracker from her car into a roadside brush. The fire spread 80 square miles which is equal to 51,000 acres. This fire cost $8 million to fight, dozens of homes were evacuated, roads were closed, and it took more than a month for the fire to be declared completely out. Way to go Sadie.

To make things even worse, investigators said she posted to Facebook a couple days later, “like my fire?” Sadie’s sentencing will be September 3rd.

I have no words for how silly this entire situation is.





image via NY Daily News

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