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The Daily Read: Learn to Give a Damn About Something Other Than Yourself

I have a harsh reality to deliver to you all today.


Now that you’ve heard what I said loud and clear, allow me to explain. In light of the events occurring in Ferguson, MO over the last few weeks, and continuing this week’s unintentional theme of self awareness (apparently we’re all sick of your shit here at The Library), I have a short, sweet, yet direct read for you all today involving one word that we all have seemed to forgotten about.


The hardest part of dealing with life is learning that life doesn’t stop for you; as well as accepting that not everything is about your own personal struggle. The ignorance and lack of empathy that I have noticed over the last few weeks in regards to the people protesting over in Ferguson, MO has made my heart sink to my stomach. These people, who are no different from you are, are taking a stand and doing something that takes a tremendous amount of courage to continue to do. It has been 11 days since the slaying of Michael Brown, with little to no rest in the tensions between the police and the residents of Ferguson, and protesters have been arrested, tear gassed, and shot with rubber bullets. And despite all of the information that is afforded to those that aren’t there on front lines protesting, some STILL find a way to diminish the efforts put forth by these fighters. (And I can tell you, as someone who just went to a rally for Ferguson in NY last week and watch her friends be taken away in handcuffs for seemingly nothing, it is by no means a easy thing to endure).

It’s super easy to sit behind your phone and in your air conditioned house far away from the scene and talk down about the “rioters” and “looters” and “violent idiots” that are flooding your twitter timelines every night. It’s even easier to sit back in your life and deal with your problems, and not care about the killing of Michael Brown or Eric Garner or anyone else, because it doesn’t directly affect your present life.


I’m here to tell you today that learning to care about other people, while not the most novice thing you’ve ever done, is the one of the most rewarding thing you can do. People matter and lives matter and whether you like it or not, it has everything to do with how we treat each other. We tend to glorify the notion lacking empathy; choosing the portray those that are nice and caring are the ones with the problem and if you don’t care it is a trait of strength. Start paying attention to those around you, because though you are going through your own personal struggle, you never know what another person is going through. It breaks my heart to see a majority of our nation NOT care about what’s going on with its people, and bash each other in the process. We’re all human; whether you are black, brown, white, pink, or orange. Choosing to remain apathetic and selfish is not only humanly wrong, it’s a tragedy on yourselves.

I challenge you to live a little nicer this week and let go of your own anger and resent towards the human race. Even if you don’t want to comment and rally for these police brutality cases, ask a friend who IS fighting for this or any cause how they’re dealing with their stress. And regardless of that, the world could use a little kindness right now, and it starts with you. Stop being an asshole, grow up, and adopt the meaning of empathy. I guarantee that you will feel just a little bit better about yourself. And if you don’t, well, then go talk to a therapist cause you got issues sis.

Until tomorrow!



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1 Comment on The Daily Read: Learn to Give a Damn About Something Other Than Yourself

  1. i think about empathy all the time. i used to think about this a lot related to komen and breast cancer and how it seemed that most people only donate or do the 5k if they have been directly affected. but seems like the ALS challenge may be changing that. few people know anyone with ALS but everyone is doing this challenge and/or donating. same kind of thing happened with Kony. so the question i’m at now is how do we get people to empathize/care (about Ferguson for instance) AND take action. lots of people don’t want or care for empathy alone. i think they want action along with it.

    good piece. keep caring.

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