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News: Crystal Lake Middle School Student Poisoned Teacher’s Drink With Hand Sanitizer

Someone knows a thing or two about home made poison.

The Polk County Sheriff office charged a 14-year old student with poisoning according to ABC Action News.

On Tuesday, the student put Zep’s Professional Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Gel into Ana Morejon’s cup of water when she had stepped out the room to dicipline another student. Without knowing the drink was poisoned the teacher took a sip of water and noticed it had a chalky taste. Upon taking the lid off the cup she smelled the sanitizer.

Police arrested the child and charged him with one count of poisoning.

This takes the cake on every story we’ve ever heard of students getting back at their teachers. How did he even think to put sanitzer in her drink? I don’t even want to know where he’s learning this from just don’t try this at home kids.


image via Smart Draw

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