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Vine of the Week: Anaconda Fail

Children, be children please!

Another day, another child trying to do it for the vine and looking a damn fool.  Ever since Mimi Faust made a shower rod look sturdy enough to hold your weight, girls and some guys, have been reaching (literally) for the same kind of fame.  Since when was it okay to swing from a shower rod in your mama’s house? And I know all of you don’t have the good shower rod that’s drilled into your walls so why are we doing this again? You’re not Tarzan, save it folks.

The newest child to look a fool while trying to be..lets say cute, is dancing to Nicki Minaj’s newest song, Anaconda.  First of all the song isn’t even appropriate for this child and second of all I didn’t understand the choreography.  Let’s just say what goes up must always come down, even if you have to force it to.  I hope this little girl isn’t hurt and maybe she’ll take her talents to the monkey bars or something.  Watch below and understand why somebody needs to get these kids.  Where are there parents?

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