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News: Wife of Anti-Gay Activist Leaves Him for A Woman

Well isn’t this a great plot twist.

via NY Daily News

via NY Daily News

Imagine preaching to a crowd in Texas against same sex couples and your wife is cuddled up with another woman in bed?  This seems to be the case for Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values, was served divorce papers by his then wife Corrine Morris Rodrigeuz Saenz in August 2011 after revealing her relations with a fellow elementary school teacher, according to The NY Daily News.

Less than six months later, Saenz became president for the state’s anti-gay group. The group has worked to block LGBT non-discrimination ordinances in San Antonio and Houston. In June it was also successful in plugging “reparative therapy” for gays into the Texas Republican Party’s platform.

Court documents reveal that Saenz has his estranged wife undergo psychological evaluation by a therapist of his choosing. When she didn’t comply, he demanded that she faced jail time. Saenz also demanded Corrine’s girlfriend, Ercimin Paredes, be banned from being around their three children.

The judge granted his request in 2012 and he later requested a permanent order of protection for his children against Paredes in May 2013. The request was denied in their Agreed Final Decree of Divorce.

Look at how the cookie crumbles. I think it’s just time to hang it up and let your ex be happy with who she loves, even if it’s not with you sir.



image via NY Daily News

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