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Lifestyle: Take A Human Break

Sometimes a break from the world is needed for mental healing.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there seems to be nothing but sad news in the media worldwide nowadays. Every station is talking about devastation,  making it easy to get caught up in worldly issues and stress out your mind.

These past couple months haven’t been the easiest for me.  Work load, my grandfather’s passing, and the depressing news I’ve seen in the media everyday has started to take its toll on me. And With Robin Williams passing and our recent light shed on depression, I want to take a moment to tell anyone feeling bogged down by the weight of the world that it’s absolutely okay to take a human break.

I first heard the term “take a human break” back when I was working in the Spiritual Life Center at Northeastern University.  At first I thought it was silly that I had to set up coffee and bagels for the students and faculty to come and eat breakfast before heading to class once a semester.  It wasn’t until I actually was on the other side of the ball where I realized how necessary this was.  Taking a human break is just a moment in the day where you unwind and don’t focus on what’s going on in your life.  During these ‘breaks’, I would meet new faculty and students to share our interests and schmooze over bland coffee and sub-par bagels.  It was a time to relax and not feel the need to rush to do something.  As a person who has anxiety, my mind for once wasn’t racing about the amount of things I needed to get done. It was something I found quite refreshing and absolutely needed.

So, I bring to you a couple ways to take a human break.  When you’re feeling like everything is against you and you feel alone in a room surrounded by people, allow some time to yourself – to recoup and bring your happiness back.

1. Turn off all communication.

Enjoy silence.  Disconnect yourself from the world and listen to your body.  Understand that you don’t have to please everyone.  The most important person in your life is, you.  Silence will allow you to meditate and help bring your mind back to what you’re used to.  Nothing can be upset with you for wanting to be surrounded by the still of the universe.

2. Pick up a hobby.

Sometimes we get so caught up with pleasing others, work, and running around at every event we forget that we have things we want to do in our spare time.  Pick up a book, take up an art class, or my personal favorite,  learn to crochet.  Take time for your self.  As my grandmother would say, “you’re burning a candle at both ends”.  You don’t have to be at every function because your friends invite you out, say no for once.

3.  Meditate

Personally this is was a tough battle for me to win because my mind is always racing and a million things are going through my head.  I’ve always told my peers, meditation isn’t for me, I’m too angry.  It took me some time to realize my mind is where my peace and happiness comes from.  If I can’t control my thoughts, how can I control my happiness?  If you’re a spiritual person like I am, pray and talk to whatever higher being you believe in.  As long as you’re able to zone out and take your mind off the problems of the world and find your inner peace, you will be heading in the right direction.


4. Sleep

Sleep is the vital part of your growth.  It allows your body to heal from whatever you put it through the day before and to get a head start for what you’re going to put it through the next day.  Give your mind time to relax.


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