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The Daily Read: Prioritizing Your Concerns About Current Events

Apparently, we only have the capacity to be concerned with one world event at a time.

Today’s daily read will be short and to the point, because it has been grinding our Librarian gears all week long. As you are aware, unless you are currently living under a rock, an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by the police in Ferguson, MO last week. This incident has rightfully sparked outrage in the black community and the community at large. There have been petitions created to go to President Obama (which the Librarians have signed) and demonstrations in many different communities. People have the right to be upset about this, and sharing concern through social media and calling for action is highly encouraged.

You may also be aware (again, unless you’re Patrick Star) of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge that has taken over the Internet. If you don’t know by now, the Ice Bucket challenge has ben created by the ALS Association to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease, which affects thousands of Americans. People have been dumping buckets of ice water over their heads and challenging thier friends to do the same and donate to the ALSA fund.

Now, some people have expressed outrage that any person of color would participate in the Ice Bucket challenge at a time when our community is in crisis: black men are being targeted and shot by authorities who are supposed to be serving and protecting. I get this, in theory: why are you doing some silly Internet challenge when there are more pressing issues at hand? The problem here is, the challenge is made to raise awareness for a debilitating disease and fundraise for treatment. Anyone who participates in the challenge is doing a good thing, so why would someone be upset by it? There is no reason that someone can’t participate in a challenge but also be concerned about, and better yet, taking action on the issues surrounding the black community.


Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that these issues are or should be of equal importance to everyone. For all I know, you may not give a damn about the ALS challenge and be very engaged in the conversation surrounding the murder of Michael Brown, or vice versa. My point is that there are a lot of things in the world to be concerned about, and you can’t shame someone for realizing and expressing that.

Carry on.


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