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News: Car Crashes into Salon in Queens

People in Queens really do the dumbest things while driving.

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via The Daily News

The Daily News reports a  car careened through a Queens beauty salon and barreled 25 feet into the building late Thursday, but the driver sustained only minor injuries. The driver aparaently had finished filling his tank at the 36 Mini Mart on Farmers Blvd across the street from the salon. When he left, he accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. Chile…

The store owner, Calvin Joseph, says cops told him the driver comtinued into the store 25 ft. “He must have got nervous and just slammed down harder because he was way in there,” Jospeh said.

Surveillance footage from the deli next door shows the black SUV crashing into Charo and Friends Beauty Salon at 117-39 Farmers Blvd. at 10:32 p.m

The impact completely tore off the metal gates covering the glass storefront. Neighbors said the accident sounded like an explosion. “We thought it was a bomb,” said Patrice Newlan, who lives in the back of an adjacent building. “The whole place shook.”

In true New York fashion, “Somebody shouted, ‘Yo, you okay’ And the driver said back, ‘Yeah, I’m okay.'” The driver later emerged from the wreckage walking on his own. He was taken to Jamaica Hospital with minor injuries, fire officials said.

As a former Queens resident, who happened to live where this incident occured, this driver is just lucky all he hit was the salon at the speed he was going.  I just wonder sometimes how people get their liscenes.  At least no one was seriously hurt, that lawsuit is going to be a mess though, yikes.

To watch the video off the accident, click on over to The Daily News.

image via The Daily News
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