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News: New Teacher Shows Up To Her First Day Drunk and Naked

Chile…come get your cousins!


CBS Houston reports a newly hired teacher was found drunk and pantsless in her classroom on her first day of work.

Police arrested Lorie Hill after two Wagoner High School teachers found her intoxicated and without pants in an empty classroom she was claiming to be her own. “They didn’t know who she was, she was apparently new and was supposed to start yesterday,” Wagoner Police Chief Bob Haley told KOKI.

On Monday, Wagner Police say she admittied to drinking vodka in her car before coming into the school that day. Some parents were confused by the first day debauchery. “I don’t know, as an adult, I just don’t know how you can be a professional teacher and teaching young people, and then show up drunk,” Frank Sandiford, a parent of a Wagoner student, told KOKI.

In her defense, students were not yet back from school and the first day was for teachers to set up and clean their classrooms. We get it, who needs to be sober and wear pants while cleaning and organizing a classroom.

After detaining Hill in the Principle’s office and finding her a pair of shorts, police came to arrest her for public intoxication although it wasn’t clear if Hill had driven herself to the school under the influence.

Personally, Lorie is my hero for doing what most of all wish we could do but don’t have the guts to go through with. Mayne she should keep her pants on so that no one can question sobriety so easily. And who drinks vodka anyway?


image via Jezebel

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