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The Daily Read: Really, Netflix?

Suggestions based on your recent views: stereotypes.



I recently downloaded the Netflix app on my phone. I really have no reason to ever need to watch movies or TV on my phone, but it’s nice to have, ya know? I went scrolling through  Netflix recommendations for me based on what I have recently watched. Some things made sense:  they suggested that I watch Treasure Planet because I recently watched Pocahontas. Cool. It got real interesting, however, when I scrolled down just a little bit further.

As a normal American with a brain and a love for a good drama and Kerry Washington’s lips, I watch Scandal. I, unlike most Americans, was very late to the Scandal bandwagon and watched the first few seasons on Netflix. Now, for those of you who are rock dwellers and are not aware, Scandal stars Kerry Washington as a DC Public Relations specialist/lawyer/Gladiator in a suit that handles a lot of, you guessed it, scandals. The main character, Olivia Pope, just so happens to be black. Would you like to know what suggestions Netflix has given me based on just this one show? Below are just a few of the suggestions Netflix gave me:

1. The Bernie Mac Show


Do not get me wrong even for a second: I LOVE The Bernie Mac Show! Who the hell doesn’t love Bernie Mac?! But how on Earth does The Bernie Mac Show relate in ANY WAY to Scandal? The Bernie Mac show is about a man raising his nieces and nephew while being really effing funny. Scandal, yeah not so much.

2. The Real Husbands of Hollywood


Um, whet? This doesn’t even make sense. So, Netflix, you’re telling me that based on my love intriguing prime time dramas, I will also love to watch a faux-reality show starring Kevin Hart? Again, whet?

3. The Boondocks


Of course, if you like Scandal, a live-action drama, you will just LOVE The Boondocks, an animated comedy-satire. Those two go hand-in-hand. NOT.

4. Coming to America


Le sigh. Seriously? I don’t even need to comment here…


5. The Unauthorized Bigoraphy of Beyonce


Sure, if Scandal were about the Queen of Life. Sorry, but Olivia wouldn’t even be a Deputy Undersecratery to the Queen of Life.

Hey, Netflix. I get what you’re tring to say, I do. You were merely pointing out that since I like a show with a black person in it, I obviously would like all of these “black” movies and shows. Totally understand. Granted, maybe the algorithm works so that it takes into consideration what other people who have watched Scandal are into, and maybe this is it. But lawd, if this shit ain’t steroptypical.

Shaking. My. Head.


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