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The Daily Read: You’re Too Damn Much

Extra! Extra! You’re SUPER extra!



Everyone knows that one person who just embodies the word “extra.” It’s like some people wake up and remake Flawless to showcase their extra-ness.

Wake up: extra. Post tweets: extra. Everything they do: extra.

What exactly do I mean by “extra?” Here is a list of the qualities of an extra ass person:

1. Posts more than three selfies a day (and that’s being generous)

2. Along with #1, at least one of those selfies is an exaggerated version of some body part

3. Tweets their daily lives, step by step, day by day

4. Makes up stories to sound interesting

5. Has to know everybody and name drops whenever possible

6. Seems to go to every event and be too turnt to function

7. Describes his or herself as a thot…and is only half joking

8. Communicates with some people only via snapchat

9. Thinks their twitter handle carries more weight than it actually does

10. Describes the party as lit when all they did was sit and take selfies

If you or anyone you know exhibits three or more of these qualities, call 911 right away. You may be too extra to function and at the point of turning into a total d-bag in T-minus…ah, shit it’s too late.

All jokes aside, there are times when we all need to humble ourselves and be aware that no one is really that interested in you for you to be everywhere like Visa. If people don’t like you, maybe it’s because you are constantly forcing yourself onto them with your outlandish stories or bagillion thirst traps. When you pull up to an event, you want the people who know you to be happy to see you, not roll their eyes and say “Oh lawd, here he comes!”

I’m not here judging people for being themselves or expressing themselves, because chances are that all that extraness is just a front. You don’t need to be all over the place for people to like you. You don’t need to tweet every second of every day with every mundane thing you are doing in hopes that it will catch someone’s attention. You don’t need to post things on social media that don’t make a lick of sense just to get some retweets. You don’t have to go to a party just to take pictures. You just DON’T!

Here’s my advice: if you think maybe you are a little overexposed at the moment, especially in terms of social media, take a damn break. We will all breathe a sigh of relief, believe me.

My bad, did I just read you? That’s the risk of entering The Library.



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