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The Daily Read: What Do YOU Want?

“Stop thinking about what I want, what he wants, what your parents want.  What do you want?”

– Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

The question that applies to all life’s challenges – what do you want?  Throughout our lives we manage to get ourselves trapped within the cycle of always pleasing everyone else and neglecting our true desires.   Most of us are so caught up with making everyone else happy, we convince ourselves that we are indeed content.  Until the moment we define exactly what we desire out of life, we will continue to simply float amongst the crowds. What is the point of life if all we do is live out other people’s dreams for us?

Now, I’m not writing this to tell you to disregard everyone’s advice or feelings, because sometimes we do need a little perspective to make quality life choices.  However, it is time we start putting ourselves and our dreams first and stop living to make everyone else comfortable with how we decide to live our lives.  Even if we end up making some really huge mistakes, it is our lives to make a mess of – no one else’s!

So with that I say this: When it comes to your education and careers – choose a major that you see yourself being happy with, regardless of the starting salary. Money helps make for comfortable living situations but there is no fun in hating every second you spend making it. Find your passions and pursue them!  Who says you can’t make a living out of doing something you love? Take risks and go for it – nothing but your doubt and fear is holding you back.

When it comes love – find someone who is compatible with your soul.  Don’t be with someone for the simple purpose of receiving the approval of others. Don’t get lost in the false hope of superficial connections and temporary stimulation.  Find someone with that respects your values and aspirations. Most importantly, find someone who stimulates your mind and truly touches your heart.

Yes it is a great feeling when people share their encouragement and excitement regarding our life decisions. The feeling of validation is often what we seek when making such choices. However, always living to please others gets tiring and you never take the opportunity to truly live the life you were meant to live. Our parents are great but they have had their time to live – its our time to make our own choices, and experience failure, success and prosperity within the spotlights we have created.

It is okay to go against the grain and make people uncomfortable. You are the only one who has to live with all your decisions – not them.  So start to live a little and take control of your own life – you’ve only got one.


Until next time kids!

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