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The Daily Read: Hey Artists …Quality is Always Greater Than Quantity

 “I’m an Artist, and I’m Sensitive About My….”

We know. Trust me. But today’s read is a short and snazzy zipper at my fellow up-and-comers in the arts and entertainment industry that think their shit don’t stink. Please hear my cry…

Just because you create something, it does not mean it was meant to be shared with the rest of the world.

I understand, trust me, the need to keep working and showing people that you have the ability to produce is overbearing at times. But there doesn’t need to be a new track or project released from you every week.

As a major connoisseur of underground culture, I understand that a lot of us younger creatives feel the need to prove to everyone that you can and will create any and everything for the sake of showing diversity, versatility, and consistency. I notice a lot of artists promoting something seemingly everyday and I have to say, most of that could’ve been unreleased.

Instead of working to release music that isn’t of the best quality, spend time creating and promoting your brand, while you are working on substantial art. Trust me, I understand the flip side of this argument; realistically, studio time is expensive, you can’t afford to sit on content and opportunities don’t come around too often to make something. However, the quality of your product is all that matters to an audience, and just because you’re always on someone’s twitter timeline with new content, doesn’t mean you’re gaining the traction or respect that you desire.


Most artists don’t believe in the importance of a public image, however in today’s world that concept of ignoring your base and doing what you want is not exactly plausible, especially when you are an independent or underground creative. Surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth and relinquish your “yes-men”. Find the people that will give you constructive criticism and be humble enough to accept that there are some things that you just shouldn’t release as part of your brand. Remember, you’re still young and still learning. If Stevie Wonder still has unreleased tracks, what makes you think everything you make is perfection?

And to those people who want to promote “unity and growth” within the artistic world by being “nice”, please locate your nearest stadium so you can occupy all seats in your sight. Not everyone is as great as they think they are, and you not letting them know in due manner is a part of the reason why people like Azelea Banks exist.

Humble yourselves, kids! The world deserves that from you!




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