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Lifestyle: The Tricky Line Between Your Dreams and Your Reality

“Started a little blog just get some traffic….Old Folks’ll tell you not to play in traffic”

There is a heavy dilemma that every twenty something faces post graduation. The feeling of trying to please yourself while making ends meet is one of true internal angst. The quarter life crisis is real people, and this particular problem is one that I do not have the answers for.

With all of the outside factors creeping into your life; whether it be paying back student loans, wanting to finance your goals of owning your home, car, etc, or just simply needing money to survive, it can be extremely difficult to move in the direction that you had always dreamed of.

Reality sucks doesn’t it?

And then you look at your parents and think “there is no way I want to end up like that and not be able to achieve my goals.” The fear of resenting your job and working only to be able to pay for your life, with years creeping up on you something that I fear every single day.

We’re not getting any younger folks, and these are the years that start to fly by. Before you know it, you’re 30 and the job you have becomes your career, leaving you feeling like you have no time left to reinvent yourself.

But what about greatness? What about the example you want to set for your siblings? Your kids?

I found myself in this pickle recently about this. It all started with a conversation I had with my father a few weeks after we launched The Library.

Dad: “I love that you started your own blog. I think it’s very ….cute. It’s just not making you any money so I don’t understand the point.”


photo 1

With continued pressure from my family to get a “real” job and to start saving money, it’s hard to stay focused on your own personal goals. As someone who grew up in family that didn’t have much monetarily, I know what it’s like to not be able to afford all of the things that you want.Then there is the eternal struggle of not wanting to struggle. So when you’re afforded the opportunity to make more money than your parents ever did, what do you do? Accept a job that you know can give you a comfortable lifestyle, be able to support myself and build a stable future for myself and my family — or, make a sacrifice and continue to work at a menial job in the interim and work on bringing my goals to fruition.

So, what do you do? No one can answer that question but you. But then again, nothing great ever came from accepting realism. Personally, I chose the later option of greatness and choosing to do what makes me happy. There’s no rush to have it all figured out just yet, despite what societal and parental pressures make you feel. Only you know what’s good for you, and though your family might be a little disheartened that you didn’t take the easy way to make money out at first, in time they will see that you will be successful doing what you want to do. And to run the risk of sounding like a cliched rebellious young adult, I’ll say it anyway — Life is too short to not be happy.

Got any words of advice? Stuck in the same predicament? Share your stories in the comment box below!


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