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News: Kindness Helps California Teen Who Survived Cancer Get New Teeth

Good karma can carry you a long way.


via Alex Hunter gofundme

via Alex Hunter gofundme


Alex Hunter of Delano, California is a 16 year old two-time cancer survivor that needs dentures after the chemo and radiation destroyed his teeth. His insurer won’t pay for dentures because they’re not a ‘medical expense.’ But an online campaign helped raise nearly $15,000 for the teen to buy new teeth, reports The New York Daily News.

Alex was first diagnosed with stage 4 cancer when he was only four.  He battled a rare form of cancer that started as a mass in his cheek.  After enduring radiation and chemotherapy, he beat the disease.  Unfortunately Alex was diagnosed with cancer again in 2011, this time in his thyroid gland.  He came through chemo and radiation again, but his teeth were wrecked by aggressive treatment and needed to be pulled, he told KERO-TV.

But his insurer won’t pay for his dentures, according to his family. “They said it wasn’t a medical issue, and of course it’s from a medical issue,” said grandmother Roberta Hunter.

Just 22-hours after the Hunter’s started the gofundme campaign, complete strangers donated $15,000, $4,000 more than the goal of $11,000.  This just shows there are still geniune and kind strangers in this world that are willing to help each other in a time of need.



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