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Love & Relationships: Stop Playing Games and Ask Her Out Already!

The Dating Game? Tuh! More like the Waiting Game. 

Nobody ever told me the amount of patience it requires to actually be a single and flourishing 20-something. Between wanting to slap all the gross perverts out there who get too comfortable too quickly, to waiting for bae to recognize you…it takes a lot!

I have become quite familiar with this waiting game and I’ve come to realize that sometimes you’ll never get what you really want until you take matters into your own hands!  I consider myself pretty traditional when it comes to guys initiating the courtship, but if there is some type of mutual attraction and he is taking way too long to jump on it – evidently assistance and encouragement is required.

PSA: Ladies, it is okay to make the first move!  Do you remember Cory and Topanga?


Totally worked out in the end…

Maybe guys now-a-days have experienced their fair share of rejection, or maybe they aren’t reading our flirtatious signals correctly. Whatever the issue may be, they seem to be taking their sweet time with initiating more intimate encounters that don’t involve a group of mutual friends.  Having friends to steer you in the right direction when it comes to your love-life is great, but they don’t have to be there every. single. time. we hang out.  It’s nice when you get to know the other side of someone – outside of how they interact when their friends are around.  So, a simple dinner date or even just meeting up for FroYo is always a great way to raise the bar while still keeping it casual.

Ladies, I know its scary and completely unknown territory, but we’ve got this! The next time you get sick of waiting for your crush to make a move, beat him to the punch and ask him to meet you out to dinner somewhere.  There is no need to make it super fancy or even a real date for that matter – just a time where two people can sit down and get to know each other.. I mean, we’ve all got to eat right?

And for you fellas out there who are dragging their feet, please get it together! Playing it cool works for only an extended amount of time until we get impatient! We will not wait forever and sooner than later if you wait too long, another Joe will have swooped in and wined and stolen your thunder. In he fine words of Drake, “the good ones go if you wait too long.” I’m really not asking for your hand in marriage, I’m just asking for a little one-on-one time. Is that too much to ask?!

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