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News: New Marijuana Based Lube Gives Women a 15-Minute Er…Yeah. (NSFW)

Well then…

A new product for women has emerged on the scene, and it is quite the interesting one at that. A company by the name of ‘Aphrodite Group’ has released a new cannibus based lubricant, designed to give women an intense fifteen minute orgasm (depending on the woman of course). Girl…



Company founder, Matthew Gerson defines the product as the “first personal lubricant with marijuana designed for female pleasure and to achieve natural, euphoric pleasure”. According to Earth We Are One, the idea was conceived in California by a group of medical marijuana patients and caregivers whose main objective was to ensure that cannabis access was offered in a high-quality, safe way. The goal was to empower women to access their highest level of pleasure through natural means. It contains 300mg of THC; enough to last for 30 hazy sessions.

The product, which is cleverly named “Foria” is marketed to be retailed at less than $86 and can be ordered through the company’s website.

Fifteen minutes of ‘euphoria’ kind of seems like a lot to me, but hey, no judgment if that’s your thing. Let us know if you wind up ordering in the comments below! And for more information on this magical new invention and to see the interesting trailer for it, click here!


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