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The Daily Read: Respect Your Elders!

I was unaware that we had just given up on showing respect to the older generations.



At what point did this new generation (read: 20 -somethings and teens) forget how to speak to and act toward older folks? I don’t remember receiving a memo calling for kids to be assholes to their parents or for young people to disregard the elderly. Did you get it? No? Oh, that’s because such a memo doesn’t exist. And apparently, neither does chivalry for our elders.

I was on the subway here in Boston not too long ago, and watched a group of high school males all sitting down and standing in front of the seats. At one stop, an older woman got on the train and was forced to stand and hold a bunch of bags. No one got up. There was even a couple of girls in their mid-20s who looked at the woman and kept right on sitting. I was farther from the doors than all of these people, but I got up and gave the woman my seat.

Another fine example happened at Whole Foods the other day (the parking lot there can be a nightmare). An old woman was waiting in the crosswalk to get over to her car. She started to walk into the street when a car of two yuppie women came peeling around the corner and blared on the horn at the woman. Um, SHE HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY! And also, she could have had a heart attack right there. It’s bad enough to be a D-bag about someone in the crosswalk, but to scare the living bejesus out of an elderly person is beyond disrespectful.

My final examples come from some fun, fun people in Target. The first scenario occurred when a mom wouldn’t let her pre-teen daughter buy a dress with cutouts. I will not repeat the disrespectful things the girl said to her mother, but had that been me at her age, I would not have teeth because my mom would have slapped them out of my mouth. The second incident was at checkout, when an impatient twenty-something sucked her teeth about thirty million times when an older gentleman was ringing her out. I just couldn’t at that point. I had to count to ten to not say something about her rudeness.

The point I am trying to make is that our generation has become more entitled and impatient, and this has led to us forgetting one cardinal rule: respect your elders! I don’t care how much of a rush you’re in or what the hell you have going on, show respect to the elderly, your parents, and any older person who has shown respect to you. Hold a damn door. Slow the hell down in the parking lot. And for Yeezus sake, get the hell up off of your ass when someone older gets on the train or bus! With all of the madness happening in the world, can’t we just be as kind and gracious to one another?


Damn heathens.


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