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The Daily Read: Don’t Judge My Shopping Choices

Don’t consider me basic. I just like a good deal.


I must confess that I have a problem: I am a bonafide shopaholic. If I am not shopping at the mall, I am “window shopping” online. While every trip or click does not lead to a purchase, I definitely get my kicks from looking at pretty things. I did an audit of my closet last week, and there is still a good amount of summer clothes hanging there with tags on. What can I say, I work at a retail headquarters that deals with clothes EVERY DAY.

Alicia Silverstone In 'Clueless'

With all of my shopping and a pretty modest budget, I sometimes shop places that some would consider “basic.” I once wore a jumpsuit that I had bought at Wet Seal and refused to tell anyone where I got it from to avoid embarrassment. Not to toot my own horn, but I looked really damn good in that jumpsuit! Instead of sharing with people that I looked amazing and got a good deal,  I was careful to make sure my tag was tucked in all night lest I be humiliated.

There are a lot of stores that people consider “basic” and laugh at people for shopping: Rainbow, Tellos, Wet Seal, Dots, etc. I am not saying that these places have the best stuff. Hell, a lot of the “fast fashion” can be downright tacky. But should we make someone feel embarrassed just for shopping in these places? There are some hidden gems tucked in those racks of shiny rayon!

If you can pull together a good looking outfit with pieces from Neiman’s and a thrift shop, more power to you! You should be able to look good, no matter where you bought something. I promise not to judge if you buy tank tops from Dots.

I will judge you, however, if you are wearing something that clings to the wrong spots on your body or is 99.9% mesh. Those stores are notorious for such things. You’re not basic for shopping there, just for poor judgment.


In summary, don’t feel bad for looking good in pieces you buy from “basic” stores. But please, don’t be tacky.


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