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The Daily Read: Say No to the Snooze Button & Get Your Day Started!

Now, before I begin this post I have a disclaimer to share: I am 100% fan of the snooze button! As awful as it sounds, I can hit that thing for an hour straight just to get “a few more minutes” of shut-eye. Bad habit. It’s not that I’m not a morning person – once I’m up I’m up! – but it just takes me a while to get to that point and then all the things I said I was going to do before work are postponed, once again.

Until recently, I never realized how much my game of “Snooze Button Tag” was hindering my productivity and all around success. Life really does change for the better once you decide to kick the bad habits to the curb! So today, with the help of fellow blogger, Jason Parks from Elite Daily, I’m here to reveal a few truths about changing your ways and becoming a morning person – FACTS ONLY!

1) Limited Distractions

The best time to be productive is when you are 100% sure there will be zero distractions such as phone calls, text messages and anything else that can will get in the way. What better time than when everyone is still sleeping?

2) Strategic Planning

With all the crazy that goes on during regular business hours, it is very difficult to set aside time to plan for future projects and events. Waking up and getting most of your planning done in the morning ensures that it will be followed by executed success. Who doesn’t want that?

3) Go on the Offensive

The feeling of constantly catching up and being on the Defensive all day is stressful and completely unnecessary.  When you get a jump start on your day, you will feel less overwhelmed and able to tackle all your tasks.  According to Parks, “various studies have shown that morning people exhibit character traits like optimism, being agreeable, satisfaction and conscientiousness.”  You will find people like you a lot more!

4) Creativity

Parks recommends that “dedicating 30 minutes of time each morning to imaginative ideas can lead to some of your best project suggestions.”  So, rather than waiting until the end of the day when your brain is absolutely fried, use the morning to allow your imagination and creative juices to flourish.

5) Competitive Edge

I don’t know about you guys, but I will always want that edge over my competitors. Just knowing they feel even the slightest bit intimidated by my “early bird” attitude and way of life makes me feel that much better about my resulting accomplishments.  Not to mention, it shows commitment and dedication – always a good look!

6) Don’t Miss Out

When you wake up early there is very little that those who suffer from F.O.M.O [Fear of Missing Out] will actually miss.  Besides the morning news broadcasts and your favorite coffee spot, not much else is open and functioning at 5am.  First shift Twitter hasn’t even woken up yet! Have no fear, you will not miss the newest episode airing of Love & Hip Hop.. if you’re into that kind of stuff 😉 By the time you’re done with work, you will still have the entire evening to enjoy your free time and watch as much ratchet TV as possible.

7) Avoid Traffic

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.  Who doesn’t want to avoid all forms of treacherous traffic?!

8) Better Response

Parks refers to an article by CBS that reports that “emails sent from 6am to 7am are about three more likely to be opened than emails sent at 4pm.” That reason being that most CEOS and top-level executives – who we are all striving to be one day -wake up in the early morning.  Therefore, your email ends up at the top of the reply list rather than the bottom. Simple facts. They have recognized and practiced the keys to success, it is time to follow suit my friends!

9) Time to Work Out

I know, I know… The gym is the last place you want to be in the early morning. However, you’d be surprised what working out in the morning does for your overall energy throughout the day. I completely agree with Parks when he says, “hitting up the gym before work will make you feel more upbeat during business hours and lead to a healthier overall lifestyle.” For more healthy living tips, see my past article!

10) Enjoy Quality Time

Too often we underestimate the total awesomeness of true peace and quiet. Try arriving to work a few hours early to understand exactly what I’m talking about. Parks suggests that “arriving at your desk in the early morning will provide you with more time to stay organized and detect any problems while staying proactive.”

11) Set Schedule

Discipline, discipline,  and more discipline! Waking up early requires you to go to bed at a reasonable time, or it’s going to be just as miserable as you think! Give yourself a bedtime and follow it or else you will have to reap the consequences in the morning. We wouldn’t want that now would we? Regardless of what time you decide to wake up, getting enough sleep is also a major factor in having a productive day.

Waking up early sounds unbearable, I know because I thought the same thing.  However, once you get into a solid routine you will love your new life of productivity and success! Start off by putting your alarm or phone away from your bed so that you are forced to get out of bed in the morning. It works… you’re just going to have to trust me with this one! Good luck!


Until next time! 

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