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The Daily Read: She’s Just Tall, Not a Monster.

“If she’s over 5’9″, she’s paying for her own meal.”

The lovely tweet I came across that simply made my skin crawl. I mean, I’m only 5’8″ but, my entire life I’ve had to deal with the height discrimination tall girls experience all around the world.  It’s just pathetic! Most of the hate comes from guys who’s masculinity is threatened by a woman who stands taller than him…not our problem.  It is not our fault that your macho is measured by inches rather than character.  Maybe instead of trying to make us feel bad about our height you should start finding ways to accept your own height – or lack there of.

People truly underestimate the struggles of tall women and making us feel like monsters for standing over “average” height, well… shame on you! Here is just a sneak peak into the life of a tall woman so that next time you try insulting her, you will think twice.

1) We have to constantly cuff pants that are too short or simply make Capri’s a thing… it’s never going to happen!

Oh, and sleeved shirts and sweaters will forever be rolled to 3/4 sleeves.



2) Basketball is our assumed sport.

Not everyone who stands over 5’6″ is cut out for basketball. I’ve actually never played a day in my life.



3) Shopping for dresses is a hassle because they could easily be considered a shirt or tunic.

Going by what it looks like on the hanger is a big no-no!


4) Finding someone who is still taller than you in heels is an epic struggle. 

The decision to wear heels is kind of a big deal. I mean, you are deciding to be over 6′ for the day…Fabulous nonetheless.


5) Pictures can get pretty awkward.

You try being the natural focal point of all group pictures…the attention can create some extremely awkward scenarios.


6) Your boobs see a lot of action when it comes to hugging your shorter friends. 

Your bosom is the communal pillow for all warm embraces.


7) We will never blend into a crowd.

We literally stick out like a sore thumb.


8) Rompers and jumpsuits can get pretty uncomfortable and inappropriate.

They have yet to figure out the correct hips: waist: torso ratio for us tall girls.


9) If all that wasn’t enough, we have to deal with insecure assholes that are always trying to make themselves feel better by making us feel less than womanly.  

There is such a thing as being tall and feminine at the same time. Save your rude comments and get used to it because we aren’t getting shorter anytime soon!


So the next time you want to knock a girl for being taller than average, please reconsider and realize what making fun of her is actually reflecting of you. She’s going to remain tall and fabulous, but you?…well let’s just say she will have zero trouble looking passed the man with the Napoleon complex.

Until next time folks!

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2 Comments on The Daily Read: She’s Just Tall, Not a Monster.

  1. There is a tall sister at church, who is so lovely, but – probably due to her height, is not pursued by men.

    A real sweetie.

  2. Love this – I’m 6ft 2 and totally feel your pain!

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