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WATCH EXCLUSIVELY: “My Borough” – Tray Pizzy Ft. YF (NEW VIDEO)


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The wait is finally over! Broke&&Trippy head honcho, Tray Pizzy, has released the much anticipated visual for the Bronx anthem “My Borough” on Friday, the first single off of his latest mixtape, “The Truman Show“. The visuals, shot and edited by Jaison Black Rose, features a montage of everything you could expect and more from the rising star, including shots of where the artist grew up to a video shoot in La Marina (like come on, which indie artist you know is doing that?).

“This is probably the most straightforward video that I’ve ever put out”, said Pizzy when he spoke to The Library prior to the release. “I usually go for something off brand but I wanted it to be for my home.”, adding “They slander the Bronx too much man I had to do something!”

And he surely didn’t disappoint. We couldn’t love it more! Throw your Xs in the air and get ALL the way into the exceptionally mastered visual for the birthplace of hip hop below! And be sure to check back in August, where we will be featuring Pizzy as our next Artist of the Month! Stay tuned!



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