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The Daily Read: Watch Your Timing

Everything is cute and funny…’til it isn’t.



When The Library began, one of the first posts I wrote was on how to NOT be a tacky mourner on social media. There were some tips in there on waiting until the topic isn’t sensitive, etc. etc. It seems that this particular post did not get enough readers, because there are still some of y’all out there being incredibly insensitive.

Look, I am not a huge supporter of censorship, especially in social media. I pretty much cried when Rihanna was forced to take down her Instagram account. But I do think that people should be just a little more sensitive when breaking news JUST HAPPENS.

Case in point: the crash of another Malaysian airlines flight,. I get it, it is absolutely INSANE that two flights from the same airline crashed in less than four months (albeit this time in an incredibly violent way). I get that some people love attention for attention’s sake (read my article on attention whores, I love them). The insensitivity around the subject, however, has rubbed me the wrong way today. Saying shit like “Asians really love disaster movies” or anything else along those lines isn’t making anyone laugh. Are you laughing? Oh, well you’re  just the worst then.

I don’t want to sound like an old fart or a cranky buzzkill, but can we all agree that some shit does not need to be made light of right away? It’s always good to lessen tension when crazy world events happen, but to lessen said tension at the expense of hundreds of people who just lost their lives in one of the worst ways possible is immature.

Maybe I am asking too much. I know social media is not a serious outlet and I enjoy a little immaturity here and there (ahem, Kermit and Daquan) but you need to pause on the jokes about really serious situations until it is not the heat of the moment. Would you want some idiot making jokes about your family member if they were just killed? Didn’t think so.

Today, you’re allowed to be serious. Carry on.


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