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Love & Relationships: Consent is Not the Absence of “No”. (via Britteney Conner)

For my sisters and brothers…

Rape.  The four letter word that now-a-days is only acceptable to speak when associated with a joke and followed by laughs.

Yes. The three letter word that is often robbed the opportunity to be heard.

No. The two letter word, also serving as a complete sentence, that is too often spoken yet ignored.

Discussions of rape and sexual assault are some of the most difficult to engage in but some of the most important to have as it can happen to anyone. Educating yourself on the actual meaning of consent is just as important because too often while discussing the issue, people are met with the “Well, she never said ‘no’.”  Consent is not, by any means, the absence of “no” – it is the presence of “yes”.

Britteney Conner, an individual finalist in the 2014 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam in Detroit, MI displayed great courage when she recited the true meanings of consent. As a special message to her sisters, Britteney’s powerful performance reveals the importance of respectful relationships and never allowing the word “love” to justify to change the meaning of the words “rape” and “consent”.

For more videos of powerful Poetry Slam contestants, subscribe to Button Poetry on Youtube.

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