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The Daily Read: “And This is for Colored Girls..” (via @blkdzn)

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. 

When it comes to race relations and dating in America, it is easy to say that everyone has some sort of opinion. As a young woman of color, I am constantly bombarded with reminders of the negative opinions that men, and specifically men of color have on dating black women.  The awful stereotypes of black women being loud, ignorant and even ugly in comparison to our white counterparts are nothing but false – the Librarians easily disprove such theories on sight! The sheer racism and self-hate amongst the black community that filters its way through the rest of society is extremely disheartening. How do we ever expect to advance as a people if we are consistently contributing to our “minority” status.

Just to clarify: there is absolutely nothing wrong with dating outside of your race.  That is why America is considered a melting pot, because there were, and continue to be, generations of people who didn’t allow racial barriers to stop them from loving and living life as they please. However, there is a huge problem with the following: a) men degrading women in general regardless of their background; and b) black men especially, leading the unfavorable discussions against black women.  The amount of blog articles and twitter rants I’ve seen created by black men that are meant to shame and discourage dating black women is disturbing!  Sir, have you looked in the mirror? Do you think your very own mother is not beautiful nor worthy of love? Our ancestors did not die fighting for this!

I don’t understand where the hate stems from and I probably never will but I recently came across a video on tumblr that makes the future of dating and race relations appear a little more promising.  For those colored girls who ever felt hatred from men within their own race, Jonathan Jackson has a PSA for black women: you are worthy of love from deserving black men who respect all aspects of your being.  Thank you Jonathan – we need more inspiring minds like you! Click on the image below to hear Jonathan’s thoughts on the topic – the library is open!


Tumblr Blogger Jonathan Jackson — “and this is for colored girls…”

And if you need any other reminders of your significance within this world always remember: You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

Until tomorrow folks! 🙂

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