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The Daily Read: Actions Will Always Speak Louder Than Words

If you’re going to talk about it, be about it…

One thing I don’t have to tell you is that there will always be people who talk their way through life. They talk a good game but when it comes down to the credentials, they kind of fall short.  Leading up to a big event or you know,…maybe a blog launch, they tell you what they “plan” to do or what they “can” do to help out; however, when the time comes to actually follow through, they are no where to be found in the sheer silence. Shady right?

Stop selling dreams that you never plan to produce.  If you say you are going to do something, just do it.  All anyone ever really asks for is the reciprocity of authenticity.  Therefore, if I support you and your life path, I only ask that you support mine – as you initially declared you would.  If not, keep it moving because fake support and false hope are unfortunate stepping stones to disappointment.  Nobody wants that.

I’ve found that many times the people that don’t follow through with their word, drain the support for themselves.  Not only do they fall short with their promises, but they accept all forms of advocacy for their own projects and give nothing in return. Nothing. These are the type of people to be wary of,  because you could think that a true connection was sparked and support everything they do and then when it’s your time to shine they disappear.  How convenient? Those who operate solely on selfish conveniences are those to steer clear from because they will never have your best interest nor success in mind.  From day one it has always been about them and until they actually begin to live selflessly, that will not change – no matter how many dreams they try to sell.

The unfortunate truth is that too often these types of people tend to slip through the cracks of the world’s competition and they actually win.  They are the charismatic folk who bring people together due to their loveable personality and spirit. So yes, it is hard not to support them because how could you not?  But at the end of the day, after you have showered them with gifts of encouragement, take a moment to think, and ask yourself: would they ever do this for me?

The answer to the question is most likely “No” because who else have you seen these people advocate for other than themselves? Nobody.  While it is a big pill to swallow because sometimes these people can actually be considered friends, it is another one of life’s lessons on the judgement of character – not promises.

All that being said, there is nothing wrong with seizing an opportunity for your advancement and well-being. The way some of our dreams are set up, a fight to the top is all you can expect.  Staying focused on your goals is great; however, going through life with a self-centered attitude will only work for so long. Quite frankly, your luck and others’ patience to deal with you will run short.

By all means, do what you need to achieve your goals and desired success.  However, don’t forget the people who have supported you along the way.  When you reciprocate the acknowledgement of their journey, you are not only remembered for your own success but for being humble and supporting others on their way!

So I will leave you with this: If you’re going to talk about it, be about it!


Until tomorrow!

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