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Sunday Funday: New Rules for Snapchat Stories

Not everyone is happy with your oversharing.


Ahh, Sunday. You’re doing something fun, or you’re relaxing on the couch. As I have annoyingly learned, Sundays are prime days for 268 second Snapchat stories. Here are some quick tips on how to NOT annoy your friends:

1. Keep photos to 4 seconds or less.

Why the hell do I need to see your shoes? No clue, but if you are so inclined to adding still photos of random things to your story, keep it under 4 seconds. Sure, someone can tap the screen to skip to the next part of the story, but take the extra step and keep it short so we don’t hate you.

2. Don’t video a bunch of people at a loud party.

Oh, you’re at a party? Cool! Well it’s loud, and I don’t know who any of those people are. Make your videos funny or at least able to see and hear people. What’s the point of me seeing that guy standing over there? I don’t know him. So, awkward.

3. Send to individuals when necessary.

I once opened a story of someone on the toilet. No joke! Maybe you have friends who appreciate a good toilet snap, but I really don’t. Send individual snaps to people when it really may be TMI or irrelevant to everyone on your friend’s list.

4. Be creative.

My favorite stories are ones that are funny or interesting (i.e. not just a selfie). Try and liven up that 268 seconds of selfies with some dancing kids or something. I more variety than you lip syncing badly.

Snap away, friends. And add me, too! 😉




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